Corporate Facilitator and Idea Generator:

When your team needs a corporate facilitator to help them drive change through consensus, not chaos. Clarity, not confusion. Methodology, not madness. Energy, not egos.

To successfully facilitate a corporate ideation session is to successfully lead a focused, problem-solving journey with subject matter experts against defined objectives and a clock. Participants leave as ambassadors of the solutions they’ve built together.

This differs greatly from traditional “brainstorming” where all too often, time and money are burned by inviting disengaged and underinformed participants to toss random ideas at undefined goals and objectives.

Throughout my 20 years of corporate facilitation with some of the world’s most recognized brands, I’ve witnessed game-changing ideas come from the newest of hires. The loudest thought from the quietest person. I’ve watched the C-suite learn to see through the eyes of others. I’ve seen participants cry, scream, laugh, curse and hug. I had one person offer his resignation. I’ve rarely seen participants not care. Empower your teams to create, and they will.

No two sessions are exactly alike. Each is built and tailored accordingly, based on time, budget, research, resources and desired outcome.

I’ve led conversations with:

As a facilitor my phone normally rings for one of these three reasons.

Idea Generator:

When your team needs a team player to help simplify the complicated and convert strategies into campaign territories, north stars and elevator pitches.

I’m frequently asked to simplify the complicated and be the first to throw paint on the empty canvas by weaving strategies into campaign territories, north stars and elevator speeches to jumpstart and focus the creative expressions. Sometimes, these become the creative expressions themselves.

Case Studies

You’ve got a major client under a lot of pressure in a tough market. Maybe there was a misstep or the relationship just grew a little stale. Either way, you got the call and you’re on notice. You need a reset and a rally – you’ve got to bring your best and brightest together to show what you can really do, and there’s no time for egos or turf fights.

Better call JB. No one is more talented or capable at helping you put your best foot forward, especially under pressure. He’s an honest broker who can corral any number of smart, talented, creative (competitive?) people into a working collaborative team. He’ll channel and interpret “what if we…” into a slide, a sketch, or a centerpiece creative idea. Oh, and he’ll make sure you laugh like hell during the process.

That’s not fiction, it’s history. I’ve seen it.

Mike Krempasky / Partner and Global Digital Lead, Brunswick Group