AOR pitch for Publix Grocery Stores.

For many, groceries are groceries – a commodity. A sea of sameness driven by price and convenience.

Show up with a direction that showcases what makes Publix stand out in a commodity driven landscape.

I was asked to help develop a north star and messaging framework to pitch and win the Publix account.

My personal experiences as a Publix shopper confirmed data suggesting that in a transactional category, Publix employees take the time to make a difference in peoples’ lives. For more than 80 years, Publix has brought people together to eat, celebrate, laugh, cry, forgive and heal… to share old stories and write new ones.

The storytelling strategy was to humanize the Publix brand by sharing stories of real people and real moments, both large and small, that has grown Publix into the leader it is today.

Moments that Matter

The platform allowed us to talk about Everyday Moments. Once in a Lifetime Moments. Unexpected Moments.