Mercy Ships:

Mercy Ships are floating hospitals offering state of the art, life-saving medical care to the neediest living in remote areas of the world. They are preparing to launch Global Mercy, the world’s largest floating hospital.

Opportunity: Mercy Ships was seeking agency help in driving awareness and volunteerism, both in working on Global Mercy, as well as donating funds.

I was asked to help develop campaigns for the pitch. I decided to take a people-centric approach. While the equipment is the best in the world, it is the people staffing, supporting and donating that are the real power behind this vessel of healing.

Powering Mercy

A people-centric approach showing how we would both attract and recognize those that give, do, heal, support and spread the news. From the doctors to the donors that power Global Mercy.

Additionally, I was asked to help blow out and script an existing idea, World Problems First. A campaign that brought into sharp contrast the smallness of our problems, compared to the problems of the patients being served.